10 Real Estate Secrets That No One Tells You (pt. 6)

business tips coaching podcast May 25, 2022

Joining us today and wrapping up this series on the Real Estate Secrets (that no one tells you) is guest Mauricio Lacerda. In Mauricio’s first 4 months as an agent he sold 12 houses and in his first full year, he did 47 deals for $14M. In his second year as an agent (2022 YTD), he’s closed 36 deals for $12M.

In case you missed the previous 8 secrets, they are:

1 - Having a database

2 - Join a team

3 - Have market knowledge & 4 - Use a buyer booklet

5 - Be assertive & 6 - Understand your contracts

7 - Knowing when you need help & 8 - Pick up the phone!

Mauricio shares the final two secrets about real estate, starting first with knowing your numbers and tracking your stats as detailed and granular as possible. If you’re not tracking where you are in each pipeline stage, you’re not able to gauge what’s working (and what’s not working). There is no hiding from your numbers. When Mauricio started keeping track of his numbers, he knew exactly how many appointments he needed each week in order to meet his goal of putting one deal under contract a week. By tracking, you know exactly where the hole in the boat is.

The final secret about real estate Mauricio shared is understanding the pipeline events that need to happen to get you from a new lead to under contract. Control the flow of information. In doing so, he realized the importance of getting the appointment first and foremost. He stopped having lengthy conversations before meeting with leads, saving his questions and building rapport until after he met with them.

Listen in to the full episode as Mauricio shares the leading indicators he tracks, how he tracks his data, and the number one thing he did to increase his number of appointments which was the contributing factor to his success. He also shares the mistakes he made in getting appointments, and how he adjusted the strategies that helped him close more deals.

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