10 Real Estate Secrets That No One Tells You (pt. 3)

business tips coaching podcast May 04, 2022

Last week we shared the second real estate secret (that no one tells you) and today we’re bringing you two more secrets.

Joining us today is 13-year real estate vet Ilene McKenna. Ilene is not only a part of the Sibbach Team, but she also leads the team’s internal new agent training program. At any given time, Ilene mentors and trains roughly 20 real estate agents.

Ilene says the one thing that helped propel her real estate business was by having market knowledge. Market knowledge means knowing your local neighborhoods, including HOA rules. You know about school parks, community pools, shopping in the area, etc. If you have a buyer coming in from out of state, you have to have a solid understanding of the local market. As a Realtor, it’s your job to know more than the consumer.

The second real estate secret is having (and using) a buyer booklet. A buyer book is a folder that includes graphs and charts of active listings, and the average price of homes sold. It shows key factors on what’s happening in the market such as supply and demand.

When you have both market knowledge and provide a buyer booklet, you are showing your credibility. You’ve become the expert your clients are looking to work with.

Listen to the full episode as Ilene shares how to gain market knowledge and shares details on all the charts and data used in a buyer booklet.

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