10 Real Estate Secrets That No One Tells You (pt. 2)

business tips coaching podcast Apr 27, 2022

Last week we shared the first real estate secret (that no one tells you) and today we’re bringing you the second secret… join a team.

Back with us is special guest Shawna Boughman. Shawna states she wouldn’t get the same level of training and education as a solo agent as she receives from being part of a team. Instead of reading from ~15 different sources, Shawna gets current industry statistics, news, and trends by way of her weekly team meeting. This saves her time doing the research on her own. Being a part of a team and attending team meetings provides her with sales training, and charts and graphs on supply/demand.

Shawna goes on to say the level of detail and support she gets helps her provide better, more relevant, and specific information to buyers and sellers.

Being part of a team also provides accountability. When you’re a solo agent you’re working alone with no one to hold you accountable for your goals. Some teams even offer challenges and competitions to encourage their agents while making the work fun.

Another benefit of being part of a team is the leads they provide. This can be especially helpful when you’re just getting started or if you don’t have a large sphere of influence.

Listen in as Shawna shares her frustrations as a solo agent and how being part of a team propelled her real estate business.

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