10 Real Estate Secrets That No One Tells You (pt. 4)

business tips coaching podcast May 11, 2022

In today’s podcast, guest Jennifer Hoyle shares two real estate secrets that no one tells you. These secrets would have helped her perform better when she was just getting started and today she’s sharing them with you.

Jennifer’s first secret is to be assertive. She learned early on that in order to win, she needed to be more assertive, while maintaining tact. She realized this required a mindset shift as she was getting in the way of herself. This shows up in real estate by not hesitating to follow up with a lead not once or twice but multiple times. 

Jennifer also learned that she needed to add variety to her follow-up beyond calling. This includes texting and sending photos to stay in front of her leads and to show her market expertise.

Jennifer’s second real estate secret is to understand your contracts. When you know the contracts you’re working with you automatically build your confidence in working with buyers.

Listen in as Jennifer explains more about how these secrets have helped grow her business and her faith and abilities in herself.

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