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Selling Luxury Real Estate

With Michael Banovac

Curious about luxury real estate? In today's podcast, Michael Banovac, Managing Partner at RMB Luxury Real Estate, shares his experience building, designing, and selling luxury homes. Listen in to hear all about luxury real estate.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Real Estate

With Christina Swyers

With three active listings on the blockchain, guest Christina Sawyers explains how using blockchain technology can speed up transactions and give more transparency to the real estate industry.

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The Force Behind the Fastest Growing Commercial Brokerage

With Stephanie Gilezan

Ever wonder what it's like entering the male-dominant commercial real estate industry as a woman? Join us and guest, Stephanie Gilezan, as she shares her story.

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Put the clients first!

There is a ton of noise and it's super easy to get distracted as an agent in the world we are in today. Do your research to know if who you're listening to is growing their business or if it's just noise. I personally have researched these guys and know that they are the top people to listen to! The Sibbach Team is killin' it and Jeff and Phil have real value to over you in hopes that you'll put your client first. If you don't, then someone else will!

The Solution - A Real Estate Podcast Listener

Nuggets of Gold!

This is such a great podcast. There are so many nuggets of gold with each guest. This is not your typical podcast with regurgitated content. Love hearing about all the different ways to enhance the consumer experience while being a better agent.

Brandon Vaccaro, REALTOR®
The Solution - A Real Estate Podcast Listener

Find THE SOLUTION with Jeff and Phil!

Solutions solutions solutions everywhere! Awesome content to definitely motivate you! We look forward to your next shows!

Grusha, ElitePodcastBookings
The Solution - A Real Estate Podcast Listener

REAL Real Estate Expertise

It’s happened to me. And if you’re reading this, chances are it’s happened to you, too. I started to listen to The Solution a Real Estate Podcast after receiving my Agent Truth scorecard, and Jeff Sibbach and Phil Sexton's advice was amazing. I have seen consistent success implementing their real estate marketing tactics. I recommend their podcast to agents in any market.

Shanley Williams
The Solution - A Real Estate Podcast Listener