10 Real Estate Secrets That No One Tells You (pt. 5)

business tips coaching podcast May 18, 2022

Joining us today is guest Cami Beckley, past president of the Phoenix Association of Realtors. She’s sold over 3,000 houses during her real estate career and today she’s sharing two of her real estate secrets that no one tells you.

In case you missed the previous 6 secrets, they are:

1 - Having a database

2 - Join a team

3 - Have market knowledge & 4 - Use a buyer booklet

5 - Be assertive & 6 - Understand your contracts

Cami’s first secret is knowing when you need help. You can only do so many deals before it’s time to hire a licensed assistant to help you. The key to growing your real estate business is outsourcing and this is where a lot of agents struggle. 

Cami recommends once you start doing 15-20 transactions a year, it’s time to let go and delegate the lower dollar activities to someone else. When you thoroughly train an assistant, they can help free up valuable time from your schedule. This allows you to cultivate new clients, preview more homes, and sell more houses.

The second Realtor secret Cami shared is having the courage to pick up the phone to make (and answer) calls. This was a mindset shift for her which included pep talks (to herself) and preparing for the call by mapping out what she wanted to say.

Listen in as Cami shares where to find a licensed assistant, the responsibilities she gives to her assistant, and how to overcome client insecurities when working with an assistant. She also goes into detail about how she hypes herself up when calling leads.

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