New Real Estate Agents: How to Kick Off Your Career with Guest Vickie Semler (pt. 5)

business tips coaching podcast Apr 13, 2022

Looking to kick off your real estate career? Or maybe you’ve been licensed for a while and want to grow your real estate business? Today we’re wrapping up our series on the top 5 most important things you should do to have a successful real estate career.

Here’s a recap from our previous four episodes:

  1. Have a mentor
  2. Be flexible
  3. PREcrastination
  4. Drink the Koolaid

We’re ending this series with guest Vickie Semler, an 18-year real estate vet, who shares what’s important for her in her real estate career… Grit Marketing.

Grit marketing is marketing to your sphere of influence, holding open houses, walking the neighborhood, and asking for referrals.

Listen in to learn more about what grit marketing is and how it can help you kick off your real estate career.

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