Building a Rockstar Team with Kati Spaniak

exp realty q&a teams Jun 06, 2022

Last week Kati Spaniak joined Jeff Sibbach and Phil Sexton to talk about how she built her rock star real estate team. Today, she rejoins Phil Sexton for a live Q&A with our Agent Truth audience.

Kati answers questions about why she wrote the book How to Build a Rock Star Real Estate Team Without Going Crazy: 10 Steps to Get Your Time & Life Back & Make More Money Selling Real Estate. She shares how her book is a lot about the process of finding the right people when starting a real estate team, and how she goes about finding them. Kati also gives insight into how she pays the people who work for her.

Click HERE to watch Kati's appearance last week with Agent Truth.

Kati Spaniak is the team leader of the Spaniak Team in Northbrook, Illinois. Kati sold over $38 million in volume in her first three years in the business and over $300 million in just ten years. She was awarded the 2021 ICON Instructor of the year at eXp Realty for excelling at coaching and training thousands of agents during the year.

Listen in as Kati answers questions about the trials and triumphs of growing a real estate team: 

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