How to Build a Rockstar Real Estate Team with Kati Spaniak

business tips podcast teams Jun 01, 2022

Welcome to season 6 of The Solution, a Real Estate Podcast sponsored by Agent Truth, where agents go to grow.

We’re kicking off this new season with a brand new format:

  1. Every Wednesday a new Podcast episode is released.
  2. Every Monday at 1 pm PST we’re hosting a live Q&A as a follow-up to the podcast episode.

Kickstarting this new season is Kati Spaniak, team leader of the Spaniak Team in Northbrook, Illinois. Kati sold over $38 million in volume in her first three years in the business and over $300 million in just ten years. She was awarded the 2021 ICON Instructor of the year at eXp Realty for excelling at coaching and training thousands of agents during the year. In addition, Kati serves on the board of her local real estate association and will be president of the North Shore Barrington Association of Realtors for the 2022-23 year.

In this episode, Kati shares her blueprint for starting a real estate team. She explains the mindset shift she had when she hired her first staff member, how she determined who to hire, and the tasks they were given.

Listen in and be sure to check out Kati’s book, “How to Build a Rockstar Team Without Going Crazy”, when it hits bookstands in July.

Press play to listen to the podcast episode:

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