What is a Buyer Booklet?

business tips coaching marketing Feb 17, 2022

A buyer booklet helps you present yourself as a market expert when you meet with a client for the first time. Buyers need guidance. The most important reasons to do a buyer booklet is to educate the buyers and to give them confidence that you know what you’re doing. An elite agent asserts themself into the process to let buyers know you are the “go-to” for information about the real estate market.


Many buyers get their real estate market information from emails from financial magazines and newspapers. They also go online and Google the real estate market. If you let your buyer only use these resources, you will have a misinformed buyer about the current state of the marketplace. 

The idea of presenting a buyer booklet is to change their mind and give them a clear understanding of three things: supply, demand, and prices. The key is you should give a twenty thousand or thirty thousand foot “view” than a street-level “view” because no statistic you give is good unless it has a comparable. For example, if the inventory is at two and half months, then you also need to let them know the average for the past twenty years is three to five months. 

The Buyer Booklet gives you a chance to prove your knowledge while reviewing all of this information with your buyer prior to them making an offer.

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