The Force Behind the Fastest Growing Commercial Brokerage

commercial real estate podcast Jun 08, 2022

With only 36.7% of women making up the commercial real estate sector, one woman, in particular, stands out. Joining us today is the 2022 winner of Globe Street’s Woman of Influence for Commercial Real Estate, Stephanie Gilezan.

Stephanie began her real estate career at just 21 years old and a couple of years later was recognized as a Top 30 Under 30 agent by the National Association of Realtors. She owns and operates a commercial real estate team in the top 5% of producers in Kentucky and Indiana and is the Director of Growth at eXp Commercial.

As a woman of influence, Stephanie shares her humble beginnings and what ultimately drove her to join eXp Commercial. Listen in to the full podcast to hear her story and learn why eXp is the fastest-growing commercial brokerage.

Join us LIVE Monday, June 13th at 1 pm PST as Stephanie answers your questions from the podcast. Register for the meeting via Zoom here.

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