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coaching selling Mar 03, 2022

On average, a home is officially listed on the market for three months. Combined with the average seven months that sellers think about listing their home, the entire process from initial thought to closing can take around 10 months as reported in the Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018.

Sellers in rural areas experience the longest listing times compared to the suburbs before selling. The shorter selling times may reflect the popularity of suburbs. Yet, more than half of city-loving young adults under 35 say their ideal home is in the suburbs.


Sellers often get frustrated when offers to buy get derailed before closing. Forty-one percent of sellers say they experienced an offer falling through at some point between the listing and the final signing. Matters regarding money and financing are the main reasons offers fall through. Buyer financing is cited by 23 percent of sellers as the cause of an offer not reaching close, while 17 percent say the buyer can’t sell their current home and the sale is contingent on them selling their home. What are you doing to prevent offers from falling through?


Most sellers ask more for their homes than buyers in their market are willing to pay. Over half of sellers sell their home for lower than the list price. Only about a fifth of sellers sell for more than their list price.

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