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I believe side hustles are good, offering many benefits including the accumulation of wealth in this case. All you need is something you are super passionate about, then have at it. I believe the path to a side hustle more than likely includes a few nights of peering at HGTV, believing you too could make it in real estate. I know there are lots of stay at homers that could really thrive without even needing to get any sales from anyone else beyond your own. This is why, while you learn, approach wealth building that is limitless and controlled by you, with the right training and game plan to follow. The great part is Exp Realty is a leading brokerage that focuses on remote learning and training to support those that don't have time to make it to the office but want the support.

“The knowledge and certainty of working on a side hustle with Exp Realty that contributes to your family's bottom line is the juice families need to make the big steps toward wealth building.”

Will it be worth the time and energy is a common question for many of those debating a new side hustle like real estate will contemplate. The first concept of not putting all of your eggs in one basket (but also the potential to save money, make money or even build wealth is much more than most side hustles offer) meaning diversification of time spent was first sold to me reading a blog about Google work program where the employee focuses 80% of the work time on the number one thing needed in their business, but (nickname “side hustle”) that 20% of the work time they can work on a passion project. Remember Google employs the best so this "part-time" has led to tons of innovation such as gmail, a viable and eventual business email, and other great features, yes you can move mountains when passion drives you.

I actually saw the spin develop from this I believe, not sure of course, that developed around side hustles, and when internet marketer Gary Vaynerchuk, blew it up (massive exposure) on his podcasts and now famously Side Hustle became a thing. What I am trying to demonstrate is why not have your side hustle be a second money source for the family or cost-saving education over time to manage your soon to acquire real estate portfolio!

Yes!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I said that your side hustle can build a real estate portfolio and be the envy of all your friends. One thing, flipping houses looks better on TV compared to the actual profits agents receive trying to replicate. Flipping houses is cool but not a great wealth builder unless the TV is paying you. Owning property is where the wealth comes from in droves!

How do I get my side hustle started?

The good news is we are sharing our Game Plan, step by step, here on We are providing free step-by-step instructions, as you educate and buy your first house ($$kaching). We call this earn while you learn. Learning in real estate is action, while continuing to educate, build your plan with our guidance and training and rent your first house (saving money). We give you “EVERYTHING” to light the path to do as we have done to build wealth for you and your family!

Let's get into a story that occurred recently so you can get a taste of what you make and save along the way!

I just wanted to share a story about the hidden benefits of getting a real estate license and developing a real estate side hustle that will increase your wealth long term when done right. The cool thing is you will save on costs (transaction costs - buying, selling and managing your portfolio) and therefore immediately produce an ROI. Your first real estate transaction which is the licensing costs (ouch) up to $1500 typically! After licensed you will need the education and support of a broker or Team, like Exp Realty. Online training is the wave for delivering On Their Time (OTT) training for Teams. Ask your real estate team of choice, how do they provide 24 hour training? Side hustle means you need it when you need it! Teams now provide the benefits to agents that brokers used to do. They run more efficient businesses because Team leaders are true business owners and leaders.

A real estate education is so beneficial. I know why the government wants to make sure a license in real estate is attainable to all, it’s such a gift, really. I am talking about your education after licensure on how to build your real estate business and portfolio, step by step from picking a broker, sorting through the differences each Team offers, all the way up. Our GAME PLAN is on Agent Truth, where we share everything to get you to $5 Million in wealth. The #1 reason to have a real estate side hustle is to save money while you're investing. Real estate has been a stalworth for growing one's wealth over time. One of the main reasons is our politicians are keen on money printing and therefore we expect continued good returns but the exciting thing is to get the benefit of the house you invest in beyond your own residence, you get people to rent and pay your expenses. You have a little benefit if you get more rent than you owe, but it's best to keep that for upcoming expenses so you don't break the bank.

If you are ready to get started with your very own side hustle, click here to get started on your real estate license.

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