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business tips coaching marketing Mar 31, 2022

You’ve set up your agent website, you’ve tweaked your website design to reflect who you are as an agent, and you’ve filled out your “About Me” section. Now what?  It’s time for content!  Content that engages your target audience is what will keep your readers coming back, week to week. Blogging is a large part of an effective online marketing strategy, but if your blog goes stagnant, and your content gets stale, you’ve lost your readers, and the chances of them coming back for more are pretty low.

Creating fresh content, however, keeps your website dynamic and ever-changing.

Now how do you create engaging, interesting, and relevant content? You don’t need to be a creative genius or a professional writer. In fact, you don’t even have to be a good writer, technically speaking.  What you do need to be is authentic. Today’s internet audience is overwhelmed with information and marketing from every direction, and with that massive influx of information comes information overload and fatigue. To weed out this overload of information, today’s reader has learned to hone their relevance meter (aka, BS meter) to determine whether the content is valid or true.

You need to make sure any content you create is a true reflection of who you are as an agent. You aren’t like anyone else…so what makes you stand out from the pack? 

If a homeowner or buyer hires you, what will you have to offer them that is different from what the agent one office over can offer them? Then, the trick becomes, how do you convey this authenticity in a blog posting? You can do this by gearing your blog postings toward how you operate as an agent in various situations.

For example, a blog posting that describes exactly what a homebuyer can expect when they work with you is a great way to demonstrate to your readers how you stand apart as an agent. Do you prefer to meet with them before appointments to interview them about their current real estate needs, or do you like to learn about them as you go, in the interests of maximizing their time?

Another blog post could address the top three questions you usually receive as an agent about the listing process. For example, why is MLS relevant these days when most listings can be accessed on Zillow or And, why are open houses still relevant in the age of the Internet? Finally, how can staging a home make it stand apart from the other houses for sale on the street?

Finally, consider writing blog posts about the area in which you specialize. For example, if you consider yourself an expert on Troon North, create articles written from your insider point of view that contain information your readers can’t easily get anywhere else on the Internet. Most people don’t realize that Troon Mountain is private, and not accessible to the public. Articles written from the point of view of a location or area expert will garner you more attention and respect and will cement your reputation as an industry leader in that geographic area.


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