Photo Seduction

coaching listings marketing Jan 13, 2022

Photo seduction is trying to entice buyers to get out from behind their computer, to leave work or home, to get out from their car, to want to come to see the house in person. Currently, I find, especially a listing with a lot of functional obsolescence, you need more people to come in the house.

Photo Seduction

Photo Seduction is the ability to get more traffic to the house. The more buyers you get to come to look, the more buyers you get interested in, thus increasing demand. Also, getting more buyers in the house will help educate your seller if the house is overpriced.

How to Get More People to Come to See Your Listings

The key to photo seduction is making the house looks great, not the furniture. Too much furniture and accessories can make the house look small in listing photos. 

How many listing photos do you need? I think you need somewhere in the range of 7-15 photos for your average listing. The real estate industry continues to feel a need to demand more photos, but I have sold homes in all price ranges with only 3-5 listing photos. 

If you are going to have limited photos, what do you need photos of? Generally, a picture of the outside of the house and key components of the inside. Some key components are the kitchen and the master bathroom. 

It’s important to make sure photographed spaces are uncluttered, well lit and the rooms are freshly painted. The better the pictures look, the more likely buyers will desire to see more. The curiosity to see more creates seduction, thus bringing more buyers in the house and creating more demand for your seller!

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