How To Talk To Friends, Colleagues, Acquaintances To Attract Business

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Here is the conversation that you need to have with every friend.

Friend defined: Everyone that you’ve ever met, even the most casual of acquaintances.

You have a killer message, a path to $5 million, everyone needs to hear this with passion. You are informing them they are going to be a multi-millionaire. (Holy shit, get excited.)

Friend defined continued: Especially people you see (bump into) on a regular basis. (Of course, if you haven't had this convo within the last 6 months.)

The Invite Scripts

Keep your message or questions short and to the point.

Agent Action: Dial and call or text or insta message your Friend: "Hey can I take you to coffee to talk about my plan to get you to a net worth of 5 million!?" (Include emojis like fire, money bags something like that.)

Friend response: "Is this some kind of crypto pitch?" (Some version of I have heard enough crazy schemes over the years.)

Agent Action: Text or respond: "Nope." (somber tone)

Agent Action: Separate text or speak: "What time do you head to the office?"

Their reply: “How long is that gonna take?”

Agent Action: You reply: "It's your game plan to wealth. Inflation’s killing those without a plan, wouldn't it be easier if you were worth more?"

 Agent Action: You say or text before they reply: “Typically it takes 15 to 20 minutes” pause “but it’s up to you! Usually I just meet somebody for coffee over at the donut shop off of (insert cross streets)."

Someplace 3 minutes from their house (pro tip) so its easy!

"I think it’s right by your house. Can you be there tomorrow morning at 7:30?"

They reply: "I have to leave by 7:50a"

Agent Action: text or chat: "Great, I will be there at 7:15a when ever you can make it."

Agent Action: “We can catch up and put you on the right path. Great! I’ll text you later to confirm.”

Agent Action: an hour later: "Can't wait to see you tomorrow at 7:15a at the coffee shop… don't forget to set your alarm…. This is great stuff, I am excited for you."

(Pro tip) If they need to cancel: "Oh no, I’ll send you back the next morning I’m free to meet you there."

The Meeting Bullet Points

Agent Action: When you show up you just talk to them about Ford. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams. Then you say, "All right let’s talk about where you live?"

Pro Tip: Questions to ask while you take notes.

Agent Action: "How's your neighborhood?"

Agent Action: "Is that your forever neighborhood?"

Agent Action: "What kind of house do you live in?"

Agent Action: "Is this your dream house?"

Agent Action: "What is your plan?"

Agent Action: "I have a plan from a guy who is doing it, he just came back from Europe that SOB, but he tells me inflation hurts more when times are tough. We need to plan so this doesn't happen in the future. It's so exciting!"

Agent Action: "I’m sorry I couldn’t tell, do rent or do you own?"

Agent Action: "What’s your plan for building wealth? How are you and your family going to get to 5 million or is that even important to you... would more money help?"

Educate them about renting. (You will guide them and provide resources to help them.)
If you stay longer... "We should buy an investment."
"Why don’t you like about your house?"
"What’s your plan for real estate to build wealth?"

Agent Action: Your script in response: (Pro Tip: This is your truism to live and breath and be committed to.... keeping your peeps updated.) "I’m a house specialist." (If you are visiting 25 houses a week. I hope.) "I will help you with all things housing moving forward. I will add you to my email & social media - I will keep you updated, ok?" Take a breath. "This is a good time to buy coming up. People are starting to get desperate, the ones that need to move. This is a chance for you to level up! What is most important to your family and loved ones? They typically control the decision. What are you guys thinking?"

The Follow-Up Materials

Introduce them to Agent Truth - There's a path to wealth, a plan to get you to 5 million net worth!

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