How Reviews Triple Your Sphere of Influence Real Estate Business

business tips coaching marketing reviews Jan 25, 2022

One of the hardest things for real estate agents to accept is that the internet affects people’s opinions three times more than a personal referral. 

I find it very odd that we research stuff online and get so consumed with information that it affects the direction in which we chose how we spend our time and money. Yet, agents don’t think people Google them and believe the information that comes up. They still believe real estate is solely a word-of-mouth business.  

I want to tell you, reviews are the key to tripling your business. 

Everyone you work with is Googling you because people are not going to call you to ask how good you are at your job. Online reviews are like a cozy blanket letting customers know you are good at your job; lots of people have used your services; that you were successful and they were happy with your services. Additionally, when reviews are less than three months old, it gives them even more confirmation that you are good at what you do.

The challenge is, when people are Googling you as a REALTOR®, other REALTOR® names might pop up. Now you’re being compared to someone else when they were just trying to search for you. 

In old-school real estate, we were not compared to someone else at the moment of decision as much as we are today. Consumers will not only see your online reviews when they are searching, but they see reviews of others as well.  When you get lots of testimonials and work hard to get those five stars, you will see your business skyrocket.

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