A Game Plan to $5 Million of Net Worth

business tips coaching game plan podcast Jul 13, 2022

How do you sell more today, to own more tomorrow, so you can earn more in the future? In today’s podcast, Jeff and Phil share their game plan for a $5 million net worth.

The first piece of advice is to get your real estate license even if you decide to work somewhere else (not selling houses). You’ll learn about real estate and real estate investing. Your license will help you to buy houses as it helps you reduce the capital needed to purchase.

Listen in as Jeff and Phil share ways you can earn more cash today, so you can save for a down payment and ultimately begin your path to a $5 million net worth.

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Get Your Road Map To A $5,000,000 Net Worth

The smartest people in real estate understand this repeatable formula to achieve financial independence. You want a road map? You want a game plan? Here it is...